Tuesday, 7 June 2011

After class...

Remember i bought a dinner dress last week ? click here in case u don't know.Had dinner with Gia Wei,Xiao Tung and also Cheng Yee after i bought the dinner dress.Went to a shop + restaurant nearby that we never been to before.

~Gia Wei~

~Cheng Yee~

~Xiao Tung~

Why that i call it shop + restaurant because half of the shop is selling stationeries and something for decoration while the another half is restaurant.

Fried mee for Xiao Tung.

Fried mee also for Cheng Yee.

Cheng Yee ordered another plate of Yong Tauhu...

Laksa for Gia Wei...

Jawa mee for me...

I missing the jawa mee that i ate in Old Town Kopitiam last time,that jawa mee is really nice,the jawa mee i ate that day is not really nice as what i ate last time.

Feel a bit to update my blog recently but i will try my best to update frequently once there is something for me to update and share it out.PROMISE !!! 


  1. really ? quite many laksa in Ipoh area...come Ipoh/Kampar eat laksa =))


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