Sunday, 19 June 2011

Favorite foods in UTAR

Is freaking tired now,just back from Starwalk.What is starwalk ?walk like a super star on the road ??? haha,i will post those photos took on today soon.

Feel stress because of assignment,no mood to do it at all,kill me please.By the way,i still need to eat everyday no matter how,i can't live without eat and sleep,like a pig.

Below are some foods that available in UTAR that i always order.
Fish cost RM3.80

I have my meal with Xiao Tung everytime in UTAR.


Nasi lemak ,the rice is green in colour.For those who like spicy food,it is a good choice as the sause it spicy enough ,FOR ME.It cost RM2.00.

I'm tired =(

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