Monday, 20 June 2011


Went to eat ice after class with Xiao Tung,i remember was last Monday...The place we want to go was not open yet when we reached,so we decided have a try at IceKimo.

The ice a ordered.Topping was green bean,red bean,cincau,dumpling,and some of the pearls of pearl milk tea.

Xiao Tung don't want green bean,so changed green bean to sweet potato.

It's the best served when hot weather...

By the way,i think it the thing so call snowflake in KL.I think that would be a nice dessert,but the one in IceKimo is not that nice honestly.I can't finish it because it was a large portion and it doesn't good in taste as well.But wish to try others hope won't disappoint me.

Xiao Tung always smile,laugh in real life,how come she always act cool when take photo ? I like her smile more than act cool,feel like unhappy...

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