Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pan Mee

Is quite busy nowadays because of assignments...Test is also coming..STRESS..
By the way,the moment with my friends is the most happy one,my Uni life is more interesting when with my friends.

Went to eat Pan Mee with my friends after class.

Messy hair =(
Fat face..

Siew Yin..

Gia Wei ...

Cheng Yee...

Xiao Tung...

5 of us ordered the same beverage..."龙眼海底椰"

Vintage feel...





I remember that my housemates and me will go to eat Pan Mee almost everyweek,but don't know since when,we didn't eat Pan Mee together even eat dinner together(last time we ate together everyday),don't know since when 5 of us never join/play together.How sad is it...

Friends..i love u all if u all love me too.For who really treat me as friend,hope that we are friend forever..=) Always love to gather with u all.


  1. i still got eat with you ar...that gan kali pan mee is me geh =)

  2. i'm not mentioned u least u still have eat with me..=) hehe...i think will have this kind of gathering every week ^^


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