Thursday, 23 June 2011

Find your dream

One of the reason i like UTAR is there is many events/activities held by society.Those society can make our University life to be more interesting instead of only study,assignments,tests and final exam.I hope i can join all the activities if the time doesn't crash with study time or when exam.

I saw the activity below on last Friday.It organised by Photography Club if not mistaken.
The theme is FIND YOUR DREAM. 
Those lucky one will get one piece of paper and you can draw whatever u want or what your dream on the paper..(I'm not the lucky one)

The middle one is my friend,Jian Le...and the right hand side,the white colour T-shirt that guy is also my friend,Sam Chang.

The "camera" is so cute ...

How cute is it !!!
He/she must like to eat popcorn so that he/she wish to eat it everyday.

Can vote your favorite photo,i don't know how to vote,so i didn't vote it..

If i vote,i will vote No.6 ..
Don't know is the printing quality or what,feel that all the photos are not very nice although those should be nice take...

Have u heard of Lab The Rat ?
Here is the song of them,quite nice honestly,click here to listen it !

I was flu and sore throat..I think is because of the weather,many people fall sick,before that was my family,now is me.By the way,family,friends and also my readers must take good care of yourself...

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