Saturday, 21 May 2011

Photo shooting - outcomes

Hello Hello ...
This will be a post that full of photos.Normally my post are full with photo,but this is super much photos...
Not gonna to say much,if u don't know what is going on,click PART 1 & PART 2 to get the story.

P/S : There is 2 versions for some photos,just the effect is different.

Okay,let's start...

With 2 versions :

This 2 photos seem no the way,the size is different.




The figure of my face is clearer in this photo.LIKE











With 1 version :
Another favorite photo...

Hello become a model also...Took by me..

The best photos of me ever.Love this photo to the max.Many people like this photo also.Do u ?

This photo look very emo,but i just act to feel emo...LIKE 


LIKE...This angle is quite nice...can see my left eyes lashes? LIKE


Look fierce in this photo...But i like the effect...

Selected this few of photos from around 200 photos.Feel satisfy with those photo that i selected.
Greatly thanks to Xiao Tung,Yi Lin and Vicky Ho for the helped...

What in your mind after seeing all the photo? Tell me what's in your mind and any comments to me through chatbox or just comment on this post...
I would like to listen comments from u all to get improve...THANKS...


  1. nice photos! i like them all but my favourite is no.12 =] cute!

  2. thanks ya =) great that my reader like ^^ thanks


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