Wednesday, 6 February 2013

With Her ♥

It's a random day out with her due to i want to give her CNY biscuit and she want to give me phone casings too. She gave me so much of phone casings and i'm not the one who change phone casing so often so it's so much for me and i gave some to friend who have the same model of phone with me.
What a MUST-DO thing in front of big mirror of fitting room while waiting her to try on jeans.

I tried a fluorescent green color short pants too. The color is seriously nice and attractive but i don't have buy.
If you are interested can have a look at Voir Jeans.

Triangle bracelet and ribbon ring are my accessories for the day.
The black color collar also an accessories which is removable .

After Kar Kar bought jeans and pants and i bought a pair of wedges then we had a rest at (台北纽约) Rocusa @ Ipoh Parade. 

Want to have coffee at first but their coffee can't attract me so i ordered Melon Green Tea.

With her,Kar Kar.

The Ipoh Parade hall full of CNY feel. Nice decoration.

The wedges i bought,simple always my first choice.

Stay turn~
Happy Chinese New Year.

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