Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ipoh Wall Painting

Hey hey is your 1st day of Chinese New Year ? The first day of CNY always boring as i don't have relatives in Ipoh and also my father side but i will go KL, my mother side. I even played bowling with brothers. 3 games only RM12 per person and with free drinks and french fries as ang pao. So good !

Let's back to the topic,it's Nian 28 and i had a gathering with secondary friend however not all friends joined but i still able to meet all of them because we had a breakfast on Nian 29. So good again to meet all my friends. We had planned to watch movie and went to the location have the Ipoh wall painting for photo shooting.    

Before gathering.

Went to Papajohn @ Ipoh Parade again due to their set lunch are price reasonable .
It come with 100 plus (can choose others).

Papa John's website :

Super Papa Chicken 6" pizza.

Hawaiian 6" pizza.
Pizza serve with butter and chili sauce which taste nice together with the pizza.

Besides that, it come with minestrone soup too.

Before we went into the cinema.
We watched MyFM.

Yuet Cheng,the long lost friend. 
He didn't join us for movie and photo shooting but met him accidentally in Ipoh Parade but he did join us for breakfast.

Ming Heng,another long lost friend aka brother.

Why can;t i stand straight ??

He said :" Ipoh, i'm back !!! "

Went to the location with wall painting after movie.
Not much Ipoh residents know about this even me but i got to know accidentally when i passed by there months ago,i even Google search about it but it do not have have info even photos.

News from Nanyang (南洋商报) :

There was 2 phone taking photo so the color are different. the photo above with darker color tone was taken by my phone which already change the setting.

This photo was taken by Mun Mun's photo.
Gong Xi Fa Cai.

We taken every single wall painting there. All are located in the same back alley.

Shhhhh !!! Quite please ! hahahah

But Chinese New Year should be noisy or else not like festival already.

3 of them with the same pose coincidentally -.-

Let's play hide and seek .

There is one uncle told us that he like this landscape wall painting the most .

This place was right opposite the back alley that with wall painting.
There is 7 colors in total which is the rainbow color. Such a nice place in Ipoh Old Town.

We were like visitors who visit Ipoh viewpoint.

Stay turn~
Happy Chinese New Year.

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