Friday, 15 February 2013

CNY 2013 ~ Part 1

Family portrait.

How's your Chinese New Year so far ? My CNY is quite boring and can't see so many relatives this year as well as got so less ang pao from them and not much excited activities. The activities i must have every year is go Weng Yi's house and go KL which is my mother side.

The reunion dinner cooked by Mami and Baba. Baba only cook once in a year normally which is reunion dinner. Baba bought prawns and fish also but it's already too much dishes so left it for Chu 1.

Abalones bought by my 2nd brother from Singapore. It cost $45 only. 

Raspberry champagne.

Went Weng Yi's house after reunion dinner as usual .
1025 is a unlucky number for me. I used to get nothing from any lucky draw session. No luck for lucky draw .

Dragon dance,lion dance and 24-session drums performed by Yuk Choy High School.

So many fireworks that night.

Long lost girlfriend, Weng Yi. We met each other twice this year which is Nian 28 and Nian 29. She find me once she reached Ipoh and after breakfast with her family. Normally we can only met each other on Nian 30. We are no longer Niu Lang & Zhi Nv who can only meet each other once a year. 

Lin and Pei Yi joined also.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

One of my friend from the lion dance gave me 2 of his lucky number because he gonna leave and i won a Shimastu smart mobile power bank because of his lucky number. He still there when i got this and i intended go give him the power bank as the number was from him but he rejected because he already own 2 power banks so this power bank is belong to me now.
 Lucky number : 1141

I personalized the power bank into this. 
xiaowen916 with ribbons.

We gather again next year.

My chu 1 always boring as there is not much relatives at Baba's side so eldest brother brought 2nd brother and me to play bowling @ Mydin. RM12 3 games per person with free snack/drink also !

That's all for my Nian 29 and Chu 1.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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