Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ready for CNY ? Ready for 3 in 1 ?

Are your ready for this post ? 
This post will be a 3 in 1 post which i mix dresses,BB cream and DIY nail art tutorial together in one post.

I bought 2 dresses from Urdreamz Boutique  . Due to their low price and good quality,so i decided to help them promote. They provide good customer service also which is the most important for me ! Urdreamz Boutique closed their batch which can delivery before CNY ,the batch i bought was the last bacth before CNY. But i bet girls won't stop shopping after CNY,normally we still keep shopping after CNY right ? Btw,they start a new batch which delivery on March. So girls..keep hunting !!
Unprofessional one :p

I gonna mix & match the red color dress.
4 styles i mix & match using those apparels and accessories that's in my wardrobe.
Here the 2nd part, i received the doorstep sample from L'oreal Paris which is a Lucent Magique BB Cream.

Here is make a review of L'oreal Paris Lucent Magique BB Cream.

It's different from other BB Cream that we normally see because it is white in color. I was shocked when i squeezed it out out. Never see white color BB Cream before and i like it after i tried it. 

I didn't apply much but still can see the different. I like it because it cover my pores and my skin tone is more fair and evenly.

Here the 3rd part also the longest part among 3 because it is a CNY DIY nail art tutorial / idea.
If u don't want to pay much money on your hand and u actually can choose to DIY yourself .
This is the all 5 ideas/tutorial i gonna share. RED color is the main color because of CNY.

All the tools i need.

Applied 2 layers of nail lacquer to make the color evenly.

First,use the nail dotting tool.

Apply some nail lacquer on the dot.

And dot it to your nail.
I made 2 big white dots.

3 small light pink color dots.

Another 2 small fluorescent pink color dots on top of white dots.

And 4 small black color dots.

That's all for the first nail art.

Here i made red flower which suit the CNY so much.
5 dots = 1 flower.

Fill the whole nail or if u want a more simple and clean look u can just dot 3 flowers.

Dot black dots in the middle of each flower.

Here finish the 2nd nail art.Easy right ?
Here i show another one which using nail art pen brush.
I bought this from Taobao which is super cheap. Those accessories shop/ nail art shop of Malaysia normally selling at higher than 100% or even expensive compare with Taobao.

Apply some red color lacquer on the brush and slowly make a straight line and make it wider.

Draw a fluorescent pink color which thinner than the red one.

And use the light pink color to draw the thinnest line.

Add another black color right beside red color line.

That's all the the 3 nail art.

Use red color and brilliant nail lacquer to draw line. 

And use the same step but is in the opposite direction.

That's all for the 4th nail art.

Here the most difficult nail art among others which is ribbon.
Draw a ribbon shape with color lacquer.

Dot 3 black color dots on the middle using the dotting tool.

Draw 4 lines on each ribbon and 2 on the left and 2 on the right using the nail art brush. 

And use the brush with red color lacquer to draw the shape of the ribbon.

All the 5 nail art ideas/ tutorial are done ! 
Finish all the step with top coat and it's really done ! The usage of top coat is to conceal the uneven nail lacquer which always happen when u buy cheap nail lacquer or lack of skill ( like me ) and top coat can enhance the nail lacquer which make the nail more flare.

That's all for this post.
Hope u like it and Happy CNY.

Stay turn ~
Have a nice day.

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