Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Yoke Fook Moon Dim Sum @ Ipoh

It's the day where where my family trip start ! But before that,we had breakfast at Ipoh first before we started our journey to Pangkor Island. We Had dim dum at Yoke Fook Moon,i never eat at there before. It was Saturday and the day before was public holiday so there must be many people came back Ipoh. There was so crowded at that area because there has 4-6 dim sum restaurants and all were full of people and there were many waiting outside each restaurant.We seldom eat dim sum because it is expensive but normally we eat is because there is someone treat us and this time is my eldest brother's gf. Thanks to her for treated us such a rich and satisfy breakfast. 
See the sauce inside ! It's going to flow out,it's so watery..
I bet you guys feel like wanna eat the pao by seeing this photo...am i right ??? hahaha..I had the same feel when i saw someone post about this pao also.I think the sauce is custard cream,i not really sure about that.
Who can resist from this yummy thing ?!

Ya,i still haven't mention about the name.It call as quicksand pao..流沙包.
Wanted to try it for so long and finally i found it ! Happy like a kid.

One of my favorite.

I like fried food and i like bean curd food too.

This is curry chicken wrapped by bread. It similar to the Kampar one. But the size and bread are different.Both are curry chicken wrapped by bread but they are not same actually.

Been some time i never passed by there and that day only i knew that they already changed a new look. The design is elegant.

Started our journey after the breakfast.Update about Pangkor trip on next post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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