Sunday, 4 November 2012

Vegan Life @ Kampar

Vegan Life is a vegetarian restaurant. Been some time we didn't date our new housemate for dinner so we decided to Vegan Life because we never go Vegan Life before and our housemate is a vegetarian.
Sky juice.
It's free of charge.

Orange juice for Gia Wei.

Ginger tea for me.
Never try ginger tea before and heard that it is good to relieve menstrual pain also so i ordered it.But i regretted because i don't really like the taste, or it's taste too rich.

I like this,was attracted by it. I want to ordered this if i go there again.

This is for Susu's gf.

Porridge for our housemate.

Noodles for me.

Spicy spaghetti for Gia Wei.

Green curry noodles for Susu.
The soup is super spicy !

It's always full of people everytime i pass by.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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