Thursday, 8 November 2012

Pangkor Island Trip ~ 1

One of my brother working at KL and another one working at Singapore, it's not easy to have holiday together and gather together. Haji holiday is the chance for us to gather together and we decided to go for a trip and the destination was Pangkor island. Started our journey right after breakfast.
The Lumut Terminal Jeti.

While waiting to get in to the ferry.
We had totally 8 persons this time. My 3rd brother's gf didn't joined us because she had no holiday.

The eldest and 3rd brother.

It's not as much people as our imagination since that day was Saturday and the day before was public holiday or may be they went for BigBang concert ?

It's not the first time i go Pangkor island but 2nd time. The 1st time i went was during Form 2 if not mistaken.Not went for trip that time but for prefect camp.  

The van that dropped us to the resort we booked.
It need RM10,not per person but for all. The van can fit around 10 persons. 

The lobby of the resort.
They busy for check-in and i busy for taking photo.

Our resort is just right beside the sea and the seaside is just for customer of the resort so do not have much people there and we can do whatever we want and do not feel pack.

There a swimming pool too.

Puteri Bayu Beach Resort was the resort we stayed.

Let's go in.

They provide Astro too but only English channels but need to pay deposit first.

There is 2 rooms.

It was not enough for 8 of us to sleep so we added another 4 mattress.  

The view from our resort.

Pretty mami.

My 3rd brother. 
Since he didn't bring along his gf and i be his partner. hahaha

We went for lunch after we settle down all the things and we went around the whole island 

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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