Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Pangkor Island Trip ~ 2

After a settled down all the things in the resort and had a lunch nearby the resort,we went around the island by van. It's a package for around 2 hours that we can visit 5 places at RM80 per van. Our driver is a Malay and he is so friendly that he chat with us and told us what are those places like a tour guide and he drove safely. 
The first destination.

Was so excited to tell my Baba and Mami that the beach was the place that i went for camp when i was Form 2 ! Was so excited to find the place i went for camp before. I still remember it well. The place with so much experiences ,fun and memories. There is a scar on my hand that is from the camp. The memory that follow me forever !

Second destination.
Satay factory.

There is selling souvenir also.

We all bought so much of satay as snack and also souvenir for friends.

Third destination.

The mini Great Wall of China.

So many tortoises in the pond.

Forth destination.
A museum.

That's all for the 4 destinations. We went the fifth also but i didn't took any photo because we didn't got down from the van when we reached. The fifth destination is a incomplete castle.
It is possible for us to round the whole Pangkor Island for around 2 hours because the island is so small unless you choose to stay longer at each destination or you go more places.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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