Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My big day 2012~Part 4

Excited to blog about this. It was the day i back to Ipoh but guilty to said that i went out on that night but it was celebrate my birthday what.hahha
My eyes look weird because of the poor skill of drawing eyes liner,should apply eyeshadow also i think.

Curled my hair and make up used 2 hours. Curling hair is taking time since i don't have a curler with bigger dimension and the temperature is not hot enough i think. Want a new curler as birthday present from dad but he didn't buy for me. :(

They decided to go Euro House. It was my 2nd time go there.
There was so crowded that day,we shocked since it was Thursday not Saturday but what we saw was people went there for dinner and there was 3-4 birthday celebration that night.

Lun ordered a black pepper chicken chop. The portion is too big and it worth for RM18 definitely.

Somersby apple cider,4.5% alcohol.
The girls considered to ordered a drink more than half hour i think. We wanna try cocktail at first but unfortunately that they doesn't serve in glass but must order at least a tower,it's too much for us.

I'm not the only one drank the apple cider but 3 of the girls share one bottle of it.hahah
It taste good,it taste more like F&N apple juice but it still have some beer taste.

Wear Yan's spec.
Like my hairdo of the day and the spec look good on me also i think.hehe

I worked for a cake shop after form 5 and before going for Uni and these celebration was by my ex-colleagues . I'm the one who said i want Ribbon on my birthday cake ! hehe

And this cake was make by my ex-colleague !

Ah Yong,he the one who are same birthday as me,we are babies of 16th of Sept.


Poh Yi.
She is a Chinese.without mix !


He the one who fetch me everytime we date although he live far from my house.

Ah Wai.
He the one who make the cake. He is my friend's brother-in-law also,i knew this after i posted this photo to FB and my friend told me about that.

The boys.

I'm not drunk.I didn't even finished a cup of beer how to get drunk ? hahah..i controlled myself not to drink too much because i don't know my limit.

Group photo.
Ah Wai is going to become a dad.Congratulation to him.

Thanks u all for the celebration.
Friendship forever,i know i'm the one who lose if i lost u all,i don't wish that will happen also.

Had a great night with them.
Appreciate much.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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