Monday, 8 October 2012

My big day 2012~Part 3

Had a belated birthday treat by Susu. We decided to go Sunka Japanese Restaurant for dinner.
The day when i finished my exam means that she started her new semester. But her sem break was longer than mine. She got 1 month and i only have 3 weeks + .

Susu with his gf.

Gia Wei's chicken chop.

Mine carbonara fish fillet. The amount is so small compare with the chicken chop but luckily it was smaller in size because i still felt full after the brunch.

That is apple tea if i'm not mistaken.

Too bright.

Susu and his gf ordered the same meal - Ramen wrapped by egg.
I ate this before,not bad..

Susu ordered a mini pickle vegetable steamboat.

Photo of the day.
See my face,finally look thinner than before ! Don't want get back like before anymore.
We went to UTAR new Grand Hall after that because we want to take some photo from there but the guard just not allow us to go in that area. TOO BAD !

While on the way back,we passed by the sport center and i reminded Susu that we said we want go for archery so long time ago but we never try before so we decided to go. Been some time we never go out together for such a long time.
RM3 for 10 arrows.

It was our first time.

Wow..attractive right ? hahhaha
Feel guilty to say that i'm the worst among them i think because never had any arrow touch the outer later of the target. Poor me.

Gia Wei was better than me at least she hit the target.

Our first time gave to each other.
It was a happy day that i finished my exam,went for brunch with Xiao Tung and Cheng Yee (previous post),went for dinner and finally the archery.Sem break started.Had so much fun !

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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