Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My big day 2012~Part 5

Had my last birthday celebration,it not considered as celebration but a gathering or gifts transfer section. 
Didn't curl my hair that day and only had a light make up.

Had our lunch at Thai stall in Ipoh Parade.
This was Kar Kar one.

I had fried rice.

I had lemon juice and Kar Kar had watermelon juice.
Thai's foods are expensive !

I want to watch movie rather than Sing K but no movie at GSC cinema.
Too bad !

Our K room full of love.

Another gift that i received wrapped by present wrapper. 
So happy to received present that wrapped by present wrapper,because seldom receive present with wrapper when grow up.

Lin and me also September babies so that i prepared present for her and she prepared present for me too.

My favorite song at this time !
I don't really how to sing if is in mute mode but still can hear my voice. I don't have nice singing skill this i know and i have to admit.

This the present from Lin.
Ribbon is love .hehehe

Present from Kar Kar.

Pei Yee didn't joined us but she passed the present to me 2 weeks earlier of my birthday.
It's piggybank.

The necklace with the word of "xiaowen" is my early birthday present from my Mami. Wanted a name necklace so badly and found one cheaper one compared with others and asked Mami to sponsor me and said as birthday present and she said yes. I was happy max that time. The necklace with Chinese word i wearing it since i was a kid and now i combined 2 together because i just don't wish to give up wearing anyone of them as both are bought by my parent although the Chinese word is too big when put together with the English words.

I got my new phone cover finally. I ordered so long !
Ribbon ribbon. Mad love with ribbon ! I just feel that everything look nice with ribbon.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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