Friday, 12 October 2012

Mun Mun's birthday 2012

It's not my birthday post again,my birthday post is finished !
Mun Mun is September birthday also..Got a lot of friends are September babies.
Scratching our head of deciding where to go instead of Old Town Kopitiam again and again.
We decided to go OPlace although heard of some bad comments but we just don't wanna think where to go again.

Before i went out.

It's a raining day,Kum and Bee were just reached when i reached there,saw workers holding umbrella and standing in their cafe,is IN their cafe ! They seem like not going to come out and give us umbrella but it has no different for us to walk in the cafe under the rain or walk in to take umbrella.  It's totally no different and we will get wet at the end. My brother saw it and drove nearer to the cafe and i was opened the door and took umbrella and of course covered Kum and Bee also. 

Bee and me ordered hot tea due to the cold weather.
Mine one is peppermint tea,it taste like chewing gum.

Bee and me decided to order some snack while we waiting for those who always some late. :( 
We were the most punctual one and they were late minimum 20 minutes. 

My cute and pretty dear Bee.

The Marie cat cake for the Mun Mun aka Ah Miao.

With the pretty birthday girl.

3 pretty girls. hahhaha

Look alike ? haha

The happy Miao.

Wish her happy always and find her Mr.Right as soon as possible and also wish her dreams come true.

My story haven't end yet. When the time we want to take a group photo and we asked the worker for help but the worker don't help us ! Workers there are foreign workers may be this is the reason why they gave us such a bad service !

We got to take the group photo because we requested a random customer there to help us,so sorry for disturbed .

Will not going back OPlace if possible but if no choice,i still can go there but it not my first choice because of the bad service.

Photo taken by my dear Bee.

Before end this post,my result was out,it's terrible bad ! the worst result i ever ever get. I worked harder this time but result was dropped. The sub i expected to get higher mark was lower than the one i didn't expect to get well. What happened ? I want to know the reason why my result is lower although i believe that i work harder,is the way i answer ? But how should i answer or how should i study? What the is correct way ? I can't get the same or lower mark again,it's too dangerous. When i said i got lower mark and i really mean that !!! Thinking of some ways to motivate myself to study hard and study smart.  Good luck to me and my friends.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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