Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mid-autumn festival 2012

2 years never had my Mid-autumn festival celebration at Ipoh. So happy that Mid-autumn festival this year was during my sem break and i told my mum that i wanna play candles and lantern this year. 
 Bought 3 lanterns.

 Bought 3 packs of candles also and also used one birthday candles. hahha

Moon on the night.

 Guess what i had make ?

 Guess what it look like ?
It's a dog with a ribbon ... The dog is my "kam mou" !
Use your imagination. hahha

 I thought that i will play alone,actually i did played alone at first but my brother and his gf came out to accompany me when i almost finished playing.

 Mami accompanied me for a while also and my Baba also,he the one who captured this photo.

 Lovely photo !

 My god-brothers and god-sister came over and ask me to join them also. I just want to play at my house but i did joined them after my candles finished. 

They burned 100++ candles together and i believe that some of u do the same also.
I told them it's wasted,and they replied me that :"if not how to play the candles?" ,it's correct also.

 With my god-sister,Ker Wei. 
Wonder if we take photo together before.

 God-brother,Deck Khun.
And left the youngest god-brother. Must force him to take photo with me one day.

This the mooncake make by my cousin,it's delicious !

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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