Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cameron Highland trip 1.10.2012

It was a last minute plan that i knew my brother and his gf will have a Cameron Highland one day trip. I didn't expect to follow them since i don't want to become "light bulb" of them and they seldom have couple's trip but i didn't expect that they asked me to join them on that night before the trip and i was hesitate whether to join them before the trip. But finally i joined them and we had fun.

 Beautiful flowers everywhere in Cameron Highland.

 This flower is so so so beautiful..Look so soft.

 This the white color so so soft.

The cactus valley full of cactus.

 Went to have our lunch at KFC. I ordered a Pokkits. The amount was too small and it definitely not enough  to get full so i ordered a cheese wedges after i ate Pokkits. Love cheese wedges so much but can't eat too much because it's cause fat !
 When to rose villa after that.

 The color of this plant is so unique and so sharp.

 The princess look like a man. omg..

 I'm Virgo.

A candid.
Had a long long ponytail on that day. 

 The Shoe house.
It need to climb up of a long stairs and it doesn't the top of Rose Villa yet.

 Here just the top. 
Had a rest at there before we left the rose villa because we had climb so high.

A candid of them.

Ombre color hair dye,nail art are so popular and there is ombre color flower also ! 

 This another color but the red and orange one is nicer.

Donald duck boyfie..hahhaha
opps..the hand...

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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