Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cameron Highland trip 1.10.2012

Search the Boh tea farm since we reached Cameron but couldn't find it. Since we really wish to go the Boh tea farm so i asked a shopper around there and i found it. BUT the tea farm close on Monday !!! We was like, OMG, unbelievable...so bad luck ! But we found another tea farm.
 We had tea over there,it come with fresh milk and sugar.

Our destination, Bharat Tea Farm.
If it compare with Boh tea farm,it relatively small and the environment not that nice also.

 Took some photos in the tea farm before we left and this also our purpose to go tea farm.

Came to the first destination when we reached Cameron again to buy some vegetables and had some desserts.
 Here the place where selling tone of chocolates as souvenir.

 Strawberry above our head. 

 There was many colorful birds there,i even saw them kissing.

 This is nice. I like it.

Came to the last destination.
 Passion fruits.


The sweet couple.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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