Thursday, 18 October 2012

Japanese Garden @ Ipoh

It was a day that i went out from around 9am until 6pm. Xiao Tung dated me to have breakfast together and went to Japanese Garden before she fetch Cheng Yee and Sharon at around 11am. It was my first day went there and i don't even know about this place.

The pond is dry,the bridge is broken. I think not much people will go there that's why they didn't repair and keep all the things in good condition.

But it still a good place to snap some photos.

There's a small house over there but the house also broken.

We don't know why it named as Japanese Garden may be just because of pagoda ?

Xiao Tung.
We went there for a while because the sun is too hot and we don't want to explode under the sun for so long but we took many photos.

Went to Jusco to buy movie tickets first and we hang around at Popular because there still got some time before the movie.


We watch Hotel Transylvania.

It's our breakfast of the day.
First try of the omelet and it's so yummy. Wanted to go the restaurant again to have the omelet again.Craving for it everytime i see these photo.haha..Wanted it badly now.
Thanks Xiao Tung brought me to that restaurant to have these breakfast. 

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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