Thursday, 30 August 2012

Browns Cafe

Have a date with the gang again.
We had no decide a place for our date this time and we just find a random cafe to walk in. Finally we found Browns Cafe.

Poh Yee's chocolate mint milkshake.

Hui Xin's chocolate mint ice blended.

Mint Milkshake for me.
3 of us ordered Mint flavor ! wow..

Louis's tea.
Forgot what type of tea.

Hot cake.
The cake had added some temperature before it served so it call as HOT cake.

While chit-chating with them and i saw someone familiar passed by me.
She the one..Angel Sing.

And she with her gang of friends who preparing to go for clubbing.
They all are my secondary schoolmates.
From top left : Vicky, me and Kai Yun.
From bottom left : Angel and Clanderella.

Hui Xin.


Poh Yee.

4 of us.

We sat at air-corn place and when we noticed this big mirror when left and we just snap snap snap at there. hahaha

I'm giant beside him. He just too thin.

I just can't concentrate on my study.Help me :'(

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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