Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A day out

Finally i here again,done 3 paper and 1 more to go. So stress and so tired for the exam.Feel so sleepy after back home but 5pm something is not a good time to sleep as i will sleep early at night so i decided to sit in front of my laptop,watch movie,listen to music,FB, and blogging.  
Outfit of the day.

Sorry to say that this outing was before my exam and Xiao Tung already blog about it for weeks.

Xiao Tung's outfit.
Thanks her for fetching me that day.Have been some time we didn't hang out together already.

The rude Angel tears because of wasabi.

My set of lunch.
Too much for me,i can't finished it.

Xiao Tung's set of lunch.

With the pretty Vicky.

Have a group photo before we left.
Had a nice time with u girls.
Gossip,make joke,chit chat... relax moment without thinking about exam...haha

Take "thousand" of photos after make is a must right ?
Girls,agree with me ?

Good luck for the last subject which is on next Wednesday,i have 7 days break before the last subject.Good luck,holiday is waiting me,can't wait to hang out with friends..

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

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