Friday, 24 August 2012

Angel's birthday 2012

Have a celebration for Angel Sing. Search many ideas from the web. Flags always appear in my mind because it is so nice so decided to use flags as part of decoration.
Here the flags testing in my house.

Mun Yee and me did a board also. Arranged the love shape for so long because we are not so good in art and ended "K" shape coming out. So happy while we build the love shape successfully.

The wishes i wrote to her.

As the board were to empty, i make another small flags to add in.

When the day of celebration.
Went there at 9pm something for decoration.

Everyone have the chance to write their wishes for her.

The scary birthday girl.
The "snow white" aka "ghost white".

She kept stick with me while taking photo because she want to wipe all the cream+flour+water to me.

And it was finally a normal photo.

She was pity but i think she enjoyed it and she was the most dirty one among us.

Here the video of how we gave surprise for her.
It was so funny,take a look at it.

Everyone had to bath when back home and same goes to me,i washed my hair 2 times,washed my body 2 times and washed my face 2 times.

There was a super unhappy thing happened to me that night,i wonder why i didn't not angry the one and scold the one,i still feel angry although it passed one week and i think i still angry no matter it pass how long because it was too over ! Hate the one ! U have no good image in my mind now.
Btw,it was another good celebration also.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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