Sunday, 12 February 2012

CNY 2012 ~ Part 2

It's the first day of the Dragon year !
Took family portrait when all woke up.

Kam Mou so naughty that day,can't took a proper one fot it.This one already the best,but it cover it eyes already.

4 brothers sister.
First time i try this hairstyle,learned it from Youtube the day before that.

4 visitors.
First time i met them during CNY,they r not free on the first day normally,then i go KL on the second day normally for few days till the last day of holiday,so we can't meet each other.But this year is special,we met !

Chew Leng,a long lost friend.


We ate,chit chat,FB...

And for sure,take photo !
Like this photo so much,Jenson is just so cool .

5 of us.

Miss u all.
Love u all.

Jenson and me.

Bee Kuan and me.
Unfortunately that photo of Gia Wei and me was blur :(

Red / pink for CNY.
Thanks for coming,my friends,u all make my first day of CNY not that bored and different from the past.

Kam Mou was so scared of the fireworks,kept bark,cried and ran here and there and it walked it to the house.Pity my Kam Mou.
See what my eldest brother did ?

 We kept laughing there,but this the photo is what he want !
Nice ?

 My 2nd bother make Kam Mou also,and i called it "Kam Mou no.2"


  1. I just love ur hair...^^

    pretty girl leh....kinda miss chew leng too....

  2. really ? it's easy to make,u can try it also :)
    i miss her too

  3. Of cz.....^^
    okay....i wil try it den.... 


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