Tuesday, 14 February 2012

CNY 2012 ~ Part 3

2nd day of CNY,on the way to KL.

 What people do normally during CNY ? Eat,play,gamble,sleep FOR SURE..I'm i right ?
I not used to eat so much during CNY,but this year i did,so i gain weight :(

A naughty niece,Yen Nee.

 Both are my niece also,they r sisters.Don't think that the younger one is a boy,SHE is a GIRL !

 Baby nephew. He wearing new pair of cloths which my 3rd brother buy for him.

 My uncle.
Grandfather & grandson. *LOVE*

It's a DIY lou shang,with a small pack of original lou shang but the amount was too small and we had lots of people,so we added cucumber,pomelo,mango,"nga gu beng",another new style of lou shang.

It's Valentine Day today,it's has no meaning to me as i am SINGLE now,btw,i want to wish all my friends who have partner already,happy valentine day and happy always.Don't always argue with little thing and treasure what u have now.

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