Saturday, 11 February 2012

CNY 2012 ~ Part 1

Opps..It's middle of February,yet i still haven't update any single post about my CNY.Is busy for event and i was sick last week.Yay,so happy that the event was ended successfully.So happy to meet many new friends  in the event and so happy to work with them.Such a good memory ! Will update about it after all the CNY post.

Okay okay~let's start .
 Went to Weng Yi's house on the last day of the year(除夕夜) as usual.The only day we can meet each other !

 From left,Weng Yi's cousin,Pei Yee,Weng Yi's cousin aka my classmate,me and Weng Yi.

 Weng Yi's relatives keep taking our photo when we just reached and haven't step inside the house.haha

 Btw,i like that ! hahaha

 He is my primary school friend,Lip Kiat.

 There was some activities over there.Let's pictures talk.

 The man standing on the benches is Weng Yi's eldest brother.

 Yi Lin and Kar Fei joined us after that.
Gambling ? Just for fun actually.

 0127,an unlucky lucky's number.Get what i mean ?Because i didn't get any prize,can say that i never win any prizes.

 Weng Yi's cousin,the scencestealer. 

 Met another 2 friends there.They drank beer,but i'm totally not interested in,although they kept persuade me to drink.haha

 Nice firework.

 The firework was so near to me,so it so clear,loud and big!

Here the 2 videos i recorded that can show how clear,loud and big it is.

I didn't zoom in.

The final one,damn nice right ?


  1. i love d ballons n d fire crackersssssssssss........

  2. the balloons change every year,different year different style :)
    the fireworks so so so just too near to me,really beautiful,but many things dropping on if we r under it :D 

  3. where's this place o???? carcker super nice....dn u shld me careful den....^^

  4. Jelapang,my friend's house. :) near by my house also


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