Monday, 16 January 2012

Chocolate cornflake

CNY is around the corner,everyone is busying for preparation of this important festival.
I remember that last year i didn't make this,but last few year i did,and this year too.I make it because it easy to make,and can give others when exchange gifts during CNY.

The costs is low,those ingredients u can find it in supermarket,hypermarket,or those shop selling ingredients for baking cake.

That chocolate is cooking chocolate,u can buy those Cadbury chocolate too,but not suggested because those cooking chocolate is not that sweet as Cadbury and those cooking chocolate is cheaper also.The chocolate in this picture only cost around RM7.50. 

 Chocolate rice.

 Put cornflakes into a plastic bag and press it in order to make the cornflake smaller in size(it's depends on whether how small is the size u want).

 Cut the chocolate into a smaller pieces so that it took shorter time to melt.

 Prepare some oil .

 Pour the oil into the pot.

 Boil a pot of water.

 Stew the chocolate,don't directly cook the chocolate with fire,MUST melt it by putting a pot in ht water,what Chinese say is "炖".

 Chocolate with smaller take shorter time to melt,so u can cut the chocolate into a smaller size compared to the chocolate size in the picture.

 After the chocolate is totally melt,pour the cornflakes into the pot with chocolate.

 Stir it.

 Make sure all the cornflakes is full with chocolate.

 Then u can pour the chocolate into the cake cup.

 Put some chocolate rice on top to make it more attractive.

Don't put the chocolate rice after u finish pour the chocolate cornflake into the cake cup,because the chocolate will condense.The chocolate rice can stick nicely with the chocolate if the chocolate still not condense yet.


I learned it from my relatives.
I took around 3-4 hours to finish.

 Do it look nice and are u drooling ?

 Have a try on it will do,it's easy.

Feel free to ask me if any steps u are not clear.


  1. woah......looks super duper tasty~~

  2. hehe..thanks ^^ i let my friends try ,they gave a good comments too :) 
    u can have a try,very easy ^^


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