Friday, 13 January 2012

Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food time to blog again...

 It's a very outdated post,it is on 15th of December if not mistaken.

 Went to Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food with Gia Wei and Susu for dinner.

 First time i went there.

 Forgot what it name,the picture in the menu attracted me that's why i ordered it.I always attracted by special things. 

 Lemon tea.

 My egg wrap noodles.
Not bad.

 Gia Wei's fried spaghetti.

 Susu's pickled vegetable stretched noodles.
 We ordered a snack too.
But it just so so.

Through the menu,the set lunch is quite cheap,but i never try before.

The Adventure Exhibition preparation in Kampar past few days i mentioned on previous post that i will blog about it,but i changed my mind as someone not allow it to be public,so i decided to post it after the event over.,after 1 month perhaps.


  1. kampar????

    new told or old town????
    wanna go try someday...haha...

  2. will back Kampar today..will back to Ipoh on Thursday.
    This Shunka is located in new town and nearby by hostel only.when u plan to come ?


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