Thursday, 19 January 2012

Outing day ~

I day out with my darlings Kar Kar and Pei Yee.
 Pursuing myself not to edit my photos so much.
My photo got edit but not that much as before because u still can see my pimples all that.

 As usual,we went to Kopitiam for brunch but i onlt had a cup of white coffee as i ate my breakfast already.

With my darling,Pei Yee.
 After brunch,we went to Voir,there having Big Sale !

 Ribbon Ribbon... *LOVE*

 This shirt is too big for me... it's XL ! hehe

 This one is better.

 Due to CNY is around the corner so CNY decoration is everywhere.

 While waiting Kar Kar trying some T-shirts in Body Glove.
That's all but my things,some was Kar Kar's things.

 My darling Kar Kar.

Like my make up from this photo.hehe

School reopen this week,but now i already in Ipoh,not because of i didn't attend for class ,is because my class of this sem is only 3 days,i had finished all classes and what i doing not is waiting for CNY.Can't wait for CNY..the favorite festival ever !

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