Friday, 9 September 2011

Ugly me ...

Remember that i went to clinic on this Monday ? Check it out here.. I went to clinic again this morning.Doctor helped me removed out the rubbers and told me that will help me wear the upper brace today...
Honestly i want to become more pretty and want my tooth "pretty" too,but i scare pain,i ate porridge for almost 1 week already,i start to feel scare on it.What i can eat is just those soft and liquid things,such as porridge,cereal, mum bought me "ho fen" also,but need to cut it into thousand pieces like what mummy normally do to their kids...what Chinese says 要美不要命/ 要美就要付出,u want pretty ? sound horrible ? haha

 Here show my photos with brace...The doctor asked me red colour can ? I answered okay,and she said red colour is "ong(旺)",haha,quite funny,she is a Malay actually.

 After i saw the mirror then i told my mummy that "very ugly"... T___T 
Am i right ?

My mouth feel weird with the brace...
May be still not use to it.

 My weibo status "第一天带牙套。。。丑怪的我,噩梦从今开始" hahaha

I think i will not update my blog frequency because final exam start from tomorrow.Will update my blog after finish my exam may be...Wait me ! 


  1. no worry x) still very leng lui x))
    add oil for ur exam ya ~

  2. haha..thanks ya Cheng Yee..^^
    i still not use to it,feel very weird..


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