Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I can't eat !

Do u all know that my tooth in not nice through my photos ?U don't know nevermind,see the photo below then u will know.
 See ? just the tooth direction is inward (not really how to describe).

Yesterday i went clinic and the doctor put 4 rubbers in between my tooth...It make me can't eat anything which is hard,i just can eat porridge..How long i need to eat porridge ? Eat porridge for few time a day and it digest very fast,make me feel hungry many times a day.Suffer on the pain. 
Eat 1/4 piece of mooncake also took around 15 minutes or even more ...sweat..

 Got another rubber at behind the teeth..hard to show if not my mouth will become very big..haha..Right got 2.

Left got 2 also..
Friday have to go back to the clinic again...

Don't know what happen on me? click here to know more..

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