Tuesday, 13 September 2011

U make my day ~

How u celebrate tour mooncake festival yesterday ? As what i say on the previous post,I'M ALONE! Yes,stayed at home alone for the whole day.Sit in front of my laptop,facing those notes for whole day long.
 Around 10pm ,someone sent the this photo and say :“没有我陪你,你是将的。” Funny guy...He make me smile when i'm lonely ,he make my day...Who is he ? My housemate-Susu Soo ! haha. Thanks guy.

I posted a comment in FB,said that :我没灯笼玩,没蜡烛玩,没月饼吃 T________T” ,how sad it is.First time i'm alone during festival.

A photo took few days ago when my braces hurt my mouth,and i said that  我想我需要保持着这样的表情,那旁边那两支东西不会继续弄伤我的嘴巴。。。=(

Luckily i'm okay now...just a short update to thanks Susu although may be he won't read my blog.Should go to study now ! bye ~

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