Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy birthday to me ~

Today is Thursday,i had Corporate and Business Law exam this morning,i hope that i can get PASS,not that i don't have target to get higher mark,but i know i'm lazy.God bless me.

Do u all know that tomorrow is my birthday ? U don't know also nevermind,as i'm just a ordinary girl,i'm not famous,if u know,THANKS that u concern about me...I was alone when the mooncake festival,it not a good experience to me,because i wish that someone or group of people was with me when festival no matter is friends or family,or without celebration,but at least there is someone with me,so that i won't feel lonely when festival.

And tomorrow is MY BIG DAY,but SO WHAT ? I having exam on this period,for sure everyone prepare for their exam,and my friends are in Ipoh,how to celebrate ? Although i know there will have celebration after my final,but TOMORROW,the ACTUAL DATE of my birthday,I WILL BE ALONE ! haiz...

After exam and i walked back home and went to restaurant to pack my brunch ,but unfortunately the stall selling porridge was close,what i can eat ? Went i walked back home,Susu was waiting me ! hahaha...He accompany his god-brother to Kampar for some purpose,may be Susu came back because of me also ? hehe. Luckily he was here,and he fetch me out to buy porridge.THANKS THANKS THANKS a lot SUSU ! I forced him took photo with me because i wanna write it out.
And he is the first person who wish me Happy Birthday,And me myself is the second one who me Happy Birthday.Who is third one ? waiting now..=) 

Happy birthday to me !


  1. Seems like Jane L copy ur blog title of this post. Just kidding. Is me.

  2. she is the one copy me..i post it earlier than her ! hehe


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