Sunday, 4 September 2011

Euro House.

Went to have a meet with part of my lovely friends.Why only part of them ? Because some of them not free due to some personal problem.
Preparing at home.

Look into my eyes...eyes make up with mascara,eye liner,eye lashes...

Here the place we gathered!
I went there before with my friends,but that time still not Euro House,is Breeze here! (the last 2 photos was took at Breeze Cafe)

Due to some misunderstanding we did not get the seat the booked,then we decided to changed place to Old Town Kopitiam but there was no parking for 5 cars of us.But then friend called and said there already got seats for us in Euro House,finally we decided to went back to Euro House.It wasted many time.

Kean Hoe playing bowling.

Gia Wei with her fresh apple juice.

Me with my honeydew ice blended.
Actually Euro house is the play to drink beer,but we all ordered fruit juice...haha..all are good boys and good girls.

Due to Vikki 's friend birthday and we helped to sing birthday song so we got 2 slices of cake to eat.hehe


Tequila mix with sprite..Ordered by Chew Leng,and Gia Wei drank a little bit,she said she got a little bit headache after she back home.. 

Both of them look at different camera..

Surprise that my dad called me back home at around 11pm..How come ? He didn't did it for so long why suddenly he did it again ? Anyway,i back home early that day,before 12am..hehe

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