Saturday, 3 September 2011

Breakfast ~ All Inn Cafe

The last day my eldest brother stay in Ipoh . We went to All Inn Cafe which located in Ipoh Old Town.I went there for few times but was with friends,it was the first time i went there with family.

This photo i took from Google.

Sin Chew Daily got report about the cafe.The most famous one is the desserts...

Papaya milk.


My soga...With honeydew,watermelon and jelly.
I quite NICE..especially eat it when the weather is hot.

My HarMee...
Not spicy,suit my taste..(weirdo?) Normally people like spicy HarMee ,but i'm not..a little bit is okay,too spicy is not suit me,will make me sweat, rhinorrhea...

That's all for this post...are u drooling ? hehe

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