Monday, 20 December 2010

My working life at Gold Vision

my first job in my life,
at Gold Vision.
Work because of nothing to do at home after SPM,
so rather find a jod...
and i wish to work in a cake shop at that time.
28/12/2010 my dad birthday,is me n him one and a half years anniversary ,is my cousin sister wedding anniversary,n also is my first day of working...
wow...XD working look..

help my "sifu" making bread n i wish to learn something in my working life.. 
my "sifu",we always play during working hours...
a secret 'sifu' like me before..
but i rejected...sorry my 'sifu'
u are a good person...
hope u n your gf happy always..=)
decoration by me during CNY.the Valentine's day fell on CNY,so i had the idea like above..

 the bread make by my "sifu" to me.n he make sushi for me also...actually not so delicious...XD
but thanks...haha...
my "sifu" said owe me a strawberry cheese cake as well..that ia my birthday present,there was something happened due to my 'sifu' can't make it for me on my birthday..he know me like to eat strawberry(i always stole strawberry to eat when working,while they stole grape,ate during working time also) strawberry cheese cake..yeah~
                                              Blueberry cheese cake n Marble cheese cake.  

my brother ordered a cake for his GF ,suppose the cake have 1 strawberry only,but i added another 2 for them..haha..shhhhh

Below are some of the cakes ordered by customers...

I like this mickey mouse's cake a lot...nice
 CNY cake

 this 寿头is 3D one...
cake ordered by Poh Yee for the school(PGS) band...

this a the cake ordered by us due to there had extra money in counter..
honey dew mousse cake..yummy
Old Town..yumcha after worked..

celebrated "sifu" birthday...

cartoon use to decorate on cake...

i'm tweety wen..=)

use the utilities for decorating on cake one to draw...XD
this is white chocolate..
this draw by me..

the dialog was thought by us..

see...we like to play when we work..
n take photo during working hours..
but we are serious when we work..we always work together..

soda ice-cream...we bought some drinks n food also when lunch time..
this was make by me also..nice ?
glove ..

we gathered again after i quite the job..
now we all no longer work at Gold Vision,
but we will gather once we free....
why all of us quite the job ?
not happy ?
happy when we play,when supervisor not around,
unhappy because the miser of our boss..
we forced to work when CNY,but don't have one Ang Pau also..
the management style is not good..
the environment there not comfort,dirty,old..
but i happy that i meet them...
the period we meet was short,
but we can consider as best friends..
love u all ..

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