Sunday, 19 December 2010


i don't know lah,
may be is me "geh bo",
so every time i also will ask what happened between you all once something goes wrong,
if that is misunderstand i must help u all to explain..

i remember that ,
i don't know what was going wrong between me n "niu nai"
i had told u all about the problem,
i hope i can solve it,
i had ask u all help me,
but what i got ?
i got a message from Lxxx said that is something nonsense n asked my solve it myself..
want me say WTH again ??
what nonsense ?
that is nonsense to u ?
but for me is important,
i scare that have something wrong i did n make him don't talk with me..
nonsense ? is nonsense ?
may be..
but is just for u,
because u won't bother it n won't correct it whenever u make someone angry...
so at last i asked myself...
no need help from u..
but i really angry after saw what u say...
sometime not i don't want say may trouble out..
the point is if i say it out,
anyone can help me ?
if it not a very big problem n won't make me suffocate..
i rather keep in my heart rather than get some feedback that make me have another trouble
i also don't know what to say.
this time is the serious one compare to before
after that night ( u "hit" me ) till now..
we never talk to each other,
i don't know is my fault or your fault,
i don't know u are playing at that time or serious..
nobody tell me..u didn't tell me also...
may be i have wrong perception..
but ,
if is my fault,
well~just tell me...i'm ok
but u didn't do it
but i'm sure one thing is whenever a boy do that on a girl is WRONG,

one thing make me more angry is u didn't asked us wanna pack dinner or not ,
u just ask Gia Wei..
just only her..
then u packed food yourself...
we are transparent ?
don't tell me that u don't know we want to eat ...
i tell u that I WANT TO EAT...
i don't know why u don't ask us...
OKAY~your style...

i keep silent...



  1. he did't ask me...
    he just tell me he go take away..and i ask him help me buy only...
    i dun know you all dun know d...
    why will become like that???
    i think my fault...if that night not me said want go eat ban mian...then won't happened it...

  2. no...not your problem...he did that many many times...i just keep quite only..n every time also i talk back with him..==
    he told u he pack food,he didn't told us at all..when he went out..he seem had said go to pack food,but is only use 唇语 或超小声。。he don't ask us want pack or not...what the matter...haiz....
    i also don't want talk so much ..see his face " 欠打的样子" also will angry..always like this..
    just can say he not a gentlemen...if for jenson,kean hoe,alan,kum ,fong ,chung them ...they will not do that..


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