Thursday, 28 July 2011


Went to Block K cafeteria as usual for lunch with Xiao Tung.When i finished my lunch,there was a man sitting down beside Xiao Tung and me.Both of us don't recognize him ! He asked us why we willing to queuing up to buy vegetarian foods but not other stalls that do not have much people.

Xiao Tung answered that because of tasty and many choices for us.Actually the man is a stall's boss,may be.Xiao Tung and me knew that and observed that his stall is not much students go and buy and he wish to know the reason and improve on it.We answered his question and there the treat us drink herbal tea FOR FREE.

We hope that he will have  more customers after doing the research.Hope that we can have more delicious foods to eat. But have to admit that his herbal tea is REALLY NICE ! It doesn't like what other restaurants,tasteless...That herbal tea is as nice as what mummy usually cook.NICE !
Thank you...

Like last wednesday,Xiao Tung and me took photos during break time. We first using my camera,due to our poor skill of capturing and posing,we couldn't took nice photos,by the way,we are learning.Due to we can't took nice photos on that day,so Xiao Tung just stopped and rest for a while.And i took my phone out and took photos with PANORAMA mode. I newly knew there was a fun thing that i can play with my phone.Addicted to it!
Show you guys those photo which took by my phone.(photos which took by camera will post later) 



Xiao Tung asked me smile and so i gave her a "fake" smile..





Meet Wai Yan,our classmates in toilet and we forced her to be in the photos together with us also.



Skill is not that good,as u can see there was blur and even have 3 me inside.By the way,just for fun.

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