Friday, 22 July 2011

Play with effects...

I left my phone memory card in hometown,luckily i got bring my digital camera to Kampar...My life can't without camera as i need to take down every single happy moment. I brought my camera to campus on Wednesday,and i asked Xiao Tung help me took photos and i also taught her how to play effects with my camera.We had 1 and a half hour break that day,we seem used up the break time for photo shooting but not do revision.Bad student !

Yeah Yeah Yeah =) peace

~2 ~





Opps..sit like this in campus,rude!



Photos 2 to 9 are played with effect of my camera,without editing on the effect.




Photos 11 to 13 play with the focus effect.No edit also.

Just for fun as my blog nothing much to update.

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