Friday, 22 July 2011

Carbonara spghetti

Short update about today...
Tomorrow is Marketing mid-term test,on 8.30am,so i was studying the marketing for whole day,but felt headache suddenly in the afternoon,maybe because of the weather is too hot,so planned to lay on bed for a while for rest but i fall asleep.I also don't know how long slept but not more than 2 hours for sure.

I woke up at around 6pm then i quickly bath and cook my dinner because i was hungry.
My hair was messy and still wet...

 Never try this flavour before,Gia Wei told me that it is nice so that i bought it .

 This plate of spaghetti call Carbonara mushroom mix spaghetti...Carbonara 蘑菇鸳鸯意大利面...鸳鸯/mix means that there is 2 type of spaghetti,one is normal straight spaghetti and another is ribbon spaghetti.

Is as usual that i put meat ball and hotdog ,but this time not cheese hotdog,is normal hotdog.There is no other ingredients in my hostel,so i only use meat ball and hotdog always.

I feel tired and feel like wanna sleep as i still headache and have to wake up at 6 something to prepare for the test tomorrow.Good luck for me that i still remember what i memorize today and can recall back tomorrow.

Wish u all have a great weekend...


  1. 看到你的照片,令我想起我以前在大学时候的生活^^


  2. woah.....d spaghetti looks tasty....
    can i hav some..???i'm hungry.....=P

  3. Jerome-意大利面容易煮,所以我常煮来吃。我之前一直吃蕃茄酱的,想试新东西,这个酱也蛮好吃的,你也试试看吧。。=)
    amanda-yaya..u can have some...i willing to cook for u if possible =)


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