Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ribbonie ?

Hello everyone...sorry for not update my blog kinda busy nowadays...
Just a short update to ask some opinion.I need some feedback from u all, may i ?
Only a simply question.

What do u think of the girl with a nick name call Ribbonie ???
A sweet and girlish girl is it ? Aren't ?
What if i have this nick name ? Is it suitable for me ?
Can u all accept it ?

Hope to receive some comment from u all...


  1. Of course suit u. Hahaha. Just do it!

  2. xiao tung-considering =)
    amanda-thanks ya...^^
    thanks for the comment from 2 sweeties ^^

  3. hmm,i know u like ribbon so much~ but...
    I think dat Ribbonie too girlish...>o<
    how abt Wennie? cz u r XiaoWen.. ahaha ^^
    jz a suggestion.

  4. That's good suggestion..but i need something special,Wennie this name seem popular...u have other suggestion ? Anyway,thanks your suggestion...appreciate comment from my readers..=)


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