Saturday, 2 July 2011


 For those who always concern my blog will know that i like RIBBON very very much right ? I don't know why i like ribbon so much,may be of there is thousand of ribbons with different design,how attractive is it ! 
I saw a post in WEIBO, teach people how to fold ribbon with paper,and I LEARNED IT !

This is the post in weibo...

And i would like to teach you with a clearer steps.You can either see the post from weibo or see the step i show below.Let's take out a paper and try it !
 Here we go..
I think that the steps i shows is quite clear,so i won't future explain on it.
P/S: Prepare a square shape of paper(size is not fix,depend on how big u want the ribbon).

 P/S:Scissors is needed start from step 15.

 Are u success ? Practice for few times to be familiar with the steps and make it more nicer.
Hope u success.

Ribbon with my name.

Do you guys like this kind of post ? I still have few this kind of DIY things,if u all like then i will share to u guys.Just kindly leave me a comment,GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!

Take it from somewhere.Like this ribbon ring SO SO SO MUCH ! I wish to buy it but it only available in Singapore,how sad is it ! I really wish to have it !Very nice...

Oh ya,there is someone who gave me a suggestion that to change my blog's music because it is noisy,so that i just removed the whole music box in case my readers won't feel annoying when read my blog.Thanks for your suggestion and feel free to give future suggestions,i will change if possible.

Till then,have a nice day =)

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