Thursday, 30 June 2011

Health Awareness Campaign..

As what i mentioned before,one of the reason i like UTAR is there is many activities/events.Wednesday,29.6.2011 till today,Friday,1.7.2011,First Aid Society organise Health Awareness Campaign.

First time i tried it...temporary tattoo.

In process...

Never try before so that i just tried for fun and it quite nice as well.I requested that i want it look like a bracelet. 

Finish ! 

YES ! Angry Bird...i think no one don't know about Angry Bird right ?

Sum Yee(my secondary school's classmate)is one of the helper of the game.

RM 2 per game ,each game can shoot for 2 times.

Quite many people play it.

There is some information about health also.

Siew Yin,Sharon and Xiao Tung.

Siew Yin,Sharon and me.Sharon is one of the helper also.

There is a condom man,need to pay RM2 to take photo with him.

They have sell earing holders,toys and others.

They have sell beverages and fruits.

The decoration is quite nice.

Show you all my tattoo.

My tattoo colour is faded day by day,time by time.

So i want to take photos so it won't faded away without any sounds...


  1. Visited back ur site ^^
    of course this time is x 1st time i come here ^^
    u look cute ^^
    but y ur photo blur blur geh??
    u used SE hp??

  2. thanks for always visit my blog..appreciate it!
    ya,i using SE hp to capture photos.I already edit it and make it clearer a bit.I do not have DSLR.Will it spoil your mood to continue reading my blog? i'm quite worry about that.


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