Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Monday & Tuesday

Attended Annual General Meeting of Art & Craft Society on Monday,27.6.2011.The first meeting i been to the ACS(Art & Craft Society)

We watching the video of the activities that had been held on past...

Meet Wen Bin(secondary school's classmate) with her girlfriend... 

The chairman of the ACS,Wai Hong(who talking in front),he was my senior of secondary school.

There was not much members attended ...

Wen Bin ,the "YES!" was nominate by his friends to be treasurer/assistance treasurer.
After the vote from members,Wen Bin become assistance treasurer and the guy with yellow shirt is the treasurer.

Xiao Tung and me left before the meeting end. 

As usual ,Xiao Tung and me have our lunch during break time.
We bought wafer this time at Block H cafeteria.My flavour is kaya + butter.

Xiao Tung chose strawberry jam + butter.
Each wafer cost RM 2.

Had our lunch at Block I.


We went to consult economic tutor after lunch.Due to we there was a group of member consulting him when we reach there,so we had to wait.
Guess how long we wait ?
I told Xiao Tung that we look like being punish by teacher.

Funny,But we didn't did like this for sure!
We wait for around 45minutes to consult tutor.Pissed off.

Till then.Don't forget to click on those advertisements of my blog.THanks...  

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