Sunday, 3 July 2011

My BFF !

Long long time ago.

There is a contest organise by Clean & Clear.You are able to:
  •  win a chance to become star in Seventeen magazine,
  • win RM3000 cash,
  • Ipad 2 with 32GB and
  •  many other prizes..
Upload the best photograph of you and your BFF and complete a sentence.Judge will select the final 4 winners according to:
  • Clean & Clear Top Best Friends 2011
  • Most photogenic
  • Most darling
  • Most creative
Very easy right ? So who is your BFF ? Start it now ! CLICK HERE TO WIN NOW ! 

 BFF - Best Friend Forever.
My BFF is her...i think your know to her if you have concern my.By the way,if you don't know who is she then i would like to introduce her to you all.YES ! she is my best friend,Kar Kar.  We know each other since primary school.I'm not sure whether is standard 5 or 6.We become best friend since primary school.

 I remember that there was a trip to Melacca and Kuala Lumpur when standard 6 during holiday.The hotel we stayed at Kuala Lumpur was horrible,so our gang supposed to sleep in 2 seperated rooms,but we combined and slept together in one room.Me and Kar Kar bathed together somemore..We will still joke on that although it was long long time ago.

 We were Prefect of our secondary since form 1 till form 5.We laugh,chat,joke and play together before class started,when recess time,or may be after school also.We always hang out to Ipoh Parade,shopping,singK,play bowling and eat together.

We still keep in touch since so long,although we not study in the same place.We will still hang out together when we are free.

And she listed me as her girlfriend in Facebook also.
P/S: We are not lessbian !

Kar...i want be your best friend/darling forever...can i ? you will be my best friend/baby forever too !

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