Sunday, 29 May 2011

Menglembu Hill

I wish to update my blog yesterday,but i can't online in my hostel,due to my laptop problem.=( I'm in UTAR computer lab to update my blog.
Went to Menglembu Hill on yesterday,29.5.2011 with Gia Wei,Kit Yan & Ying Teik.Woke up in the early morning at around 6.15am.It was my first time to Menglembu Hill.Remember that i went climbing with my parents when i was young,i ever stayed over night with my parents at the hill also.But we didn't have this activity for so long already.

We didn't climb to the top of the hill as Kit Yan unable to continue already .I was exhausted also as seldom exercise.Blame myself.Quite many people climbing also,and saw some man cycle up,i believe it will much more tired,if for me,i think i can't even cycle 1/4 of the hill.

Kit Yan...

Ying Teik,smile happyly...

He posed that,and i followed him ...funny guys

Actually can't say that we were climbing also,we went up by using the staircases...But honestly,using starcases is much more exhausted to real climbing.

Cheer you up =)

Peace ^^

Spot Ying Teik....


The view of Ipoh.Ipoh's air is not that clear already as u can see it was blur...I'm not sure whether it is because still early or what...

We went down to Ying Teik's car and went to had our breakfast.

Went to First Garden to had out breakfast.That's my breakfast,oily enough,but quite nice.

Is quite a good and healthy actuivity with friends,joke,laugh,gather together...
I also don't know how to tell interestingly to you all as i'm a bit moody now because somehing happened yesterday,may be i will make a post about that or may be not.

There was nothing yesterday but my legs is pain today.

Anyway,had a great time with my friends and through our experience,it shows that we need more and more exercise. Exercise more,slim down faster =)

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