Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I don't like

Online in UTAR computer lab again.Because class cancel again.Again ? Yes,this week is the first week of Degree life,should say today is the 3rd day of Degree life,there was 2 classes within 3 days.First in yesterday,went class after 2 hours break,but the 2 hours class canceled,there was another 2 hours break after the class,so there is 6 hours break,Luckily still have Xiao Tung with me,if not i don't know what i can do during the long break time.  Went to campus at around 11something to wait for 12pm class,but class canceled AGAIN !!! So i'm here in the computer to updated my blog .

There is one post still waiting me to post but due to some problem,so i update another post now.U can just ignore this post as well,becasue i will talk about sad thing in this post.

29.5.2011,it was Sunday.
1.) I thought it would be a great Sunday as early in the morning i spent my time with my friends happily,but happy time was just only for that 1/2 hours,i lost my house key ,but i don't know where it drop.

2.) Was so EMO because of the PTPTN(loan).There was quite many thing need to fill up.Asked my dad about the his salary(required by the form PTPTN),his tone was just like scolding me,becasue he don't know how much he earned as that is his own small business.I don't like the way he talk to me,is not the first time,may be he was too stress on his work,and what i feel is he would like to find something to scold as i'm the victim ! I just cried cried cried after that.
My parents saw me cried as well,but they didn't ask me the reason,may be they thought i stayed at home for so long(sem break) and i don't want back to Kampar,I was cried when the first day i moved to Kampar.I DON'T LIKE that,i cried in Ipoh,cried in car,cried in Kampar...I can't stop myself to cry,I DON'T LIKE!
My eyes was @.@ after cried for so long,first time i cried for so long and the first time i saw my eyes like that.But luckily i got some drama from Gia Wei and it stop me cried by just concentrated on the drama but not thinking others.

3.) My laptop can't online in Kampar,there was something lost in my laptop caused me can't online till now.Hope Friday faster come so that i can faster let my brother check my laptop see what's going on.




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