Friday, 27 May 2011


Went back to Kampar at 7.30am.Met with Xiao Tung at our secondary school-Poi Lam and her mommy fetch us to Kampar.Just as what i mentioned in previous post ,we failed to pay the fees that day,so we need to go back again to pay and also for registered.But i failed to pay again,is my debit card problem,thanks to Xiao Tung mommy for helped me ,so sorry gave troubles to Xiao Tung's mommy.After finished registered,we went to the clinic in campus for medical checkup.

After that we back to Ipoh for lunch.We went to Jusco this time.

My meal..

My dessert...

Xiao Tung and her mommy ordered the same meal.

Xiao Tung's dessert.
Her mommy ordered Yong Tauhu for us.Just one word to describe our feeling,FULL.Three of us were just felt like don't wanna move because too full .

We went hanged around the Jusco then. 

Hello Kitty.I joked with Xiao Tung that i will present this to her when her birthday.

Feel like this one is more suit for her. ate too much foods that make us fat.

But we bought gym ticket at campus,so must exercise when school reopen.
MUST exercise,i can't keep in fat and fat...

We headed to DeGarden after that,but before that we went to one boutique shop ,and i tried on some dress there..

There is 3 colours ,but look fat on me,so i didn't buy..

So we just headed to DeGarden...

Xiao Tung tried on a set of apparel,is quite nice actually,but is expensive,so she didn't buy.

White dress...

Black dress...

The sale girl is too friendly,very talkative,first time met this kind of sale girl.BTW,i didn't buy any apparel at all,because i not really like.Then we went to Tokutokuya,is also call 100yen .

Mickey Mouse...cute

I bought this to my dog,"kam mou"....

He eating...I think he like...XD

I got my timetable for new sem...I'm happy that my timetable is totally same with Xiao Tung,BUT my timetable is totally suck...Sorry to be a bit rude,but i think it is the only word to describe it.
Tue-break 4 hours,2 hours 2 hours...OMG
Thu-class till i back home?OMMG
Fri-12.30pm only have class,i can't go back home early.OMMMG
 But i still have to follow it.Hope everything go smoothly...

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